Will you stand in the gap for her?


The Joy Project


1 Beauty of the Cross - Janice LaPointe McLaughlin

2 Greater is He - Yvonne Wilkinson

3 Sometimes it Takes a Mountain - Melody Dickinson

4 Forever Love - Joanne Williams

5 Be One - Rachel Van Raalte

6 Through all of It - Crystal Bragdon

7 Touch the Sky - Heather Godfrey

8 How Can it Be - Jodi Hall

9 I Am Not Alone - Joanne Ecker

10 He Knows My Name - Wendy Munn

11 No Longer Slaves - Sarah Ecker

Beauty of the Cross

Writers: Jason Dering/ Wes Martin/ Jeffrey E Johnson


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Greater is He

Writers: Casey Brown/ Jason Ingram/ Blanca Elaine Reyes


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Open Hands Music

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Sometimes it Takes a Mountain

Writers: Gloria Gaither/ Mark Mathes


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Forever Love

Writer: Francesca Battistelli

Publisher: Warner/ Chappell Music


Touch the Sky

Writers: Michael Guy Chislett/ Joel Timothy Houston/ Dylan George Thomas


Hillsong Music Publishing


Be One

Writers: Natalie Diane Grant/ Rebecca Miriam Mizell/ Samuel C. Mizell/ Emily Lynn Weisband


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Seeseebabba Songs

This Music

Thankful for this Music/

Takin it to the Maxx


Through All of It

Writers: Molly Reed/ Ben Glover


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Goes Something Like This Music


How Can it Be

Writers: Jason David Ingram/ Jeffrey Darren Johnson/ Paul Brendon Mabury


So Essential Tunes

Ponies Riding Station

Open Hands Music

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I Am Not Alone

Writers: Austin Luke Kaleol Davis/ Benjamin Paul Davis/ Mia Leane Cheri Fieldes/ Kari Brooke Jobe/ Grant Charles Pittman/ Marty Sampson/ Dustin Lynn Sauder


Small City Music

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Upside down Underj

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He Knows My Name

Writers: Francesca Battistelli/ Mia Fields/ Seth David Mosley


2 Hour Songs

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Upside Down Under

Centric songs


No Longer Slaves

Writers: Jonathan David Helser, Brian Johnson, and Joel Case © 2014


Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP).

All Rights Reserved.

Used by Permission.


"Standing in the gap" against the horrors of human trafficking, our mission is to raise awareness for women-at-risk issues and support organizations, like the Joy Smith Foundation, who are making a difference.



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